About Us

At Karthia Medical Group,

We strive to provide non-judgemental, confidential, and full-spectrum supportive care. We understand the need for quality care, which is why our main goal is to improve the quality of life of our clients ethically and responsibly. We believe in a well-rounded approach to medical care and our vast network of healthcare practitioners allows us to leverage these resources to make sure patients are receiving the highest quality of care.

We make sure our clients are guided through the simple process of obtaining a medical cannabis authorization with us guiding them in the most supportive and respectful manner that caters to each patient’s personal needs.

Our Services

Karthia Medical Group provides a full suite of services to clients seeking medical cannabis treatment as an alternative to traditional treatments for pain management, anxiety, depression, and many other symptoms.

Patient care is our first priority at Karthia Medical Group. As such, we provide a wide variety of services to assist clients in obtaining and maintaining insurance coverage for their cannabis needs. We provide ongoing patient education and support, ensuring that every aspect of cannabis therapy is evaluated and thoroughly documented. We practice harm reduction for our clients by reducing prescription medication use whenever possible.

We also consult with clinics and growing facilities to ensure that operations are carried out in an effective and efficient manner.