Canadian Armed Forces veterans

Special Authorization Coverage for Over 3 Grams per Day

Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC) announced changes to the ‘Cannabis for Medical Purposes’ regulations and it’s reimbursement policy whereby they would no longer cover cannabis authorizations above 3 grams per day. We have been doing a lot of outreach to affiliated medical clinics, cannabis patient service providers and the Veteran community and we are happy to announce that we have a solution for those Veterans that are now purchasing cannabis out-of-pocket or are finding they could use an increase in order to alleviate their symptoms. If you would like to be considered for additional coverage beyond 3 grams per day, we can arrange an appointment with an appropriate medical specialist and ensure the authorization with VAC is handled effectively and efficiently. 

Vaporizer Coverage

Whether or not you have a medical need for an increased amount of grams prescribed to you, if you have an awarded condition through VAC you are also entitled to a vaporizer allowance every 2 years. We can ensure that VAC is billed directly so there are no out-of-pocket expenses to any Veteran patients. We know the best available products on the market and how to ensure your vaporizer allowance is pushed as far as possible when making a purchase. We can have a vaporizer discreetly sent to you. If inhalation is a part of your cannabis therapy regimen, vaporizing is the safest and most efficient way to medicate. 

Cannabis Coverage for Non-Veterans 

Many other retired members of the military, along with our friends, family and neighbours struggle to afford cannabis therapy. Outside of Veterans Affairs Canada, there has been very little insurance coverage for medical marijuana.  Our team has been successful in getting many health benefits plans to provide full or partial coverage for cannabis. If you know anyone who is having positive results with medical cannabis and would like to have it considered for insurance coverage, please provide them with our contact information or forward them this email and we can assist them with obtaining coverage. There are no costs or commitments with this simple process. 

Obtaining & Extending Awarded Condition Benefits

We can assist with matching qualifying Veterans with services that will help obtain awarded condition coverage or extending the coverage that is already in place. There are no costs associated with any services we provide to Canadian Armed Forces Members.

 We can also help Veterans access services that they didn’t know they had, such as: 

Veterans Independence Program: which can cover snow removal, yard maintenance and more.

Re-Applying for Denied Coverage: If Veterans were denied coverage under the old charter, they may be able to apply and be approved now as the criteria for approval has changed. 

Coverage for Medical Cannabis: Those with an awarded condition may have their medical cannabis covered up to 10 grams per day. 

Larger Medical Compensation: If your condition has worsened you can re-apply for more coverage. If you choose to re-apply, your coverage cannot go lower as a result of trying to get more coverage. 

Emergency Fund: This service provides financial assistance to Veterans that are homeless, in financial difficulty, and other times of crisis. 

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