Karthia Medical Group offers strategic infrastructure, educational and logistical consulting services to the medical cannabis industry. We provide our services to cultivation, distribution and medical companies ensuring the highest level of quality of products as well as abiding by the strictest measures of regulatory compliance.


Karthia Medical Group has provided consultation services for those seeking distribution networks for their cannabis and cannabis-related products. Our main focuses are Canada, The United States and many countries in Europe. We assist existing producers of cannabis products by leveraging our contacts and existing distribution networks to ensure that all products are being sold in a legal and ethical manner at the highest possible price-point.


We also currently provide consulting services to medical clinics, workplaces in all industries, recreational cannabis outlets and training to medical professionals on medical cannabis therapy. We work with clinics ensuring that they are able to monetize their patient base to their full potential while providing patients with the highest quality of care.

Our staff members have helped implement insurance coverage for medical cannabis patients from the very beginning of the medical cannabis industry in Canada, and continue to provide services that increase revenues for clinics while providing patients with the ability to medicate without the burden of paying for their medical cannabis therapy out-of-pocket.

We also provide CME/CPD approved training courses to healthcare practitioners in our network and through our consulting arm. Our services also include providing social media management and brand awareness services to all types of legal businesses in the cannabis industry. We are available for seminars/speaking engagements, workplace education courses and podcast contributions that relate to medical cannabis or the cannabis industry as a whole.

We are also able to consult with workplaces all over the world ensuring that any HR policies that are written and implemented are safe, legal, and practical to the patient(s) as well as the workplace itself. 

licensed producers

& Cultivators

We are able to provide turn-key cultivation solutions, such as building facilities, providing exclusive genetics, training staff, and ongoing logistical and operational support. Our staff include scientists, medical professionals, construction/engineering experts and administrators with a deep understanding of the cannabis industry. We ensure that all products being developed are safe, effective and abide by all regulatory compliance laws including the ability to cultivate GMP certified cannabis products. Our services are bespoke to each client which means that we can provide all the services a cultivation facility requires or provide consultation services to one or more aspects of an existing cultivation facility.