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How does one dose medical cannabis?

Dosing remains highly individualized and relies to a great extent on titration. Prior cannabis experience can guide starting dosages (self-medicating patients), but some general considerations when speaking with your healthcare practitioner are:

  1. Start low, go slow
  2. Preference for delivery of medicine
  3. Prior cannabis experience (tolerance)
  4. Lung capacity
  5. Pharmaceuticals being taken
Can I be fired for using medical cannabis?

Every Canadian has the right to medicate and your workplace must accommodate this. Here at Karthia Medical Group, we help human resource departments at workplaces write their policies regarding medical cannabis therapy. We also assist with implementing plans that allow the patient to medicate freely while eliminating liability from the employer’s side.

How much cannabis am I legally allowed to possess?

Medical cannabis patients are permitted to possess one month’s supply of cannabis or 150 grams –  whichever is less.

How do I prove that I am legally allowed to possess cannabis?

The label on your container of medical cannabis and/or the documentation that your cannabis is sent with proves that you are legally permitted to possess your cannabis.

Am I legally allowed to fly with my medicinal cannabis?

You are legally allowed to travel within Canada with your medical cannabis but we recommend contacting your airline to confirm what their exact policy is. It is not advised to ever attempt leaving Canada with your medicinal cannabis at any point.

How should I store my medicinal cannabis?

Cannabis should always be kept out of reach of any children and pets and kept in a cool, dry area.

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